Did you miss me?

A week ago, for reasons unknown, my Macbook stopped charging the battery. The battery was good, the power cord was fine and it would run so long as it was connected, but you know, every once in a while a woman likes to get wild and go surf the web from the hammock. So the good people at Apple and I decided it was time for Wendolene, my Macbook, to make a quick trip to the Macbook hospital. She left on Monday and was back home again on Wednesday, all fixed and with a new inside case as well. Then of course Thursday I wanted to install Snow Leopard. So here we are finally ready to post again. 

We are very much into end of summer mode here now. The light has taken on that golden quality of late summer/early fall. The flowers are at their best. It is clear and bright and delightful.

At the beginning of the summer I planted a bunch of Asiatic lilies right under the living room window. And that is now paying off in their incredible fragrance filling the room. I am just delighted by them and want MORE.


And I found this beautiful wild flower in the grass of the park -- I don't recall seeing it before or maybe I just never looked closely at it. And isn't that how we miss so many beautiful things?


It was a beautiful evening last night. Belfast Bay on a late summer evening --



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