At the end of the year I said I would not be doing Blog 365 because I just couldn't post that often. But here I am 64 days later and I have managed many more posts than I ever imagined I would be able to make. And I have taken my morning photo each of those days and see no reason to think I won't do so for the remaining 302 days this year. So I can't say to my self that I lack discipline, because I have created evidence that I can be very disciplined when I want to be. An interesting lesson for me. Writing every day has become important to me. These last 6 weeks I have posted every day about In Treatment  and not always here about knitting. But the act of making that post every day has seeped in, just as taking that photo has and now, when  am late writing or have trouble finding something to write, I notice it and feel incomplete for the day. I am not sure how this will play out after  In Treatment ends, but I doubt I will return to my more lackadaisical posting pattern.

So where am I with Arabian Nights? Well, I have completed 13 of 20 of the repeats of the long section, so I am on track and will likely begin that last beaded section by the weekend. Which means I should be ready to put the two pieces together by late next week. And be able to wear it on the 15th to talk about Medea. I need to make a more fiery version of the pattern to reflect her -- maybe later this year.

Here is a shot from yesterday --


And just so you can see what I saw this morning when I got up --


We've another storm coming, this time snow, sleet, rain and freezing rain tonight and into tomorrow. Right now it is 45F and major melting is underway.

Time to get some knitting done before my dream group arrives later this afternoon.

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