End of doldrums?

The bane of my summer existence, the Celtic festival, has come and gone so I can settle in and enjoy the remainder of the summer. I know there are among you some who simply love Celtic music, but really, two and a half days of it playing outside my living room is a bit much, don't you think? Anyway, it's done for this year.

My birthday is this week -- what I call my Beatles birthday as I will turn 64 -- so my kids were here Saturday for a little party. My daughter and her husband and my son, his fiancee and her daughter(soon to be my granddaughter!). I think being able to be with my grown up kids is an incredible treat because they have turned into such interesting and fun adults. And their chosen partners are terrific too.

We planned to have our little party outside but Saturday brought this --


Rain. And even though it stopped by noon, the grass was wet and it was pretty damp out there.

But we had a great afternoon with good food and an incredible cake my daughter made. 


That would be yellow cake with butterscotch ganache filling and chocolate buttercream frosting. And pretty purple sprinkles.

For now, the heat has abated. It is a very nice 72F right now with a nice breeze. So I plan to enjoy the day!

Oh, I was taken to task by both kids for not having posted recipes lately. I will start doing that again soon.

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