Finished! Mostly

Well, I finished Aeolian on Wednesday. It isn't blocked yet, so I suppose I can't really call it finished in the fullest sense of the word, but it is off the needles. It looks like it will block to around 72" wide. Because I used really fine yarn and small needles, it is not as big as you would expect given the number of repeats I did, but it is big enough for my purposes. I think. I wish it were larger but I don't wish that hard enough to go back and add more repeats. No way.

So here is a glimpse or two --



Those gazillions of teeny 11/0 beads make the silk, which already has a really nice drape, drape even better.

So now my next, god-these-rows-are-interminable project which needs to be finished will get some of my attention. I promised myself I will do at least a row a day, which doesn't sound like a lot but believe me, they take forever! Here is the Snow Peacock, once again in progress --


For some reason I also like the way she looks when she is all crumpled up like this --


It looks like I am knitting cotton candy, doesn't it?

And I have picked up last year's Spring Mystery stole again -- the color does not show correctly as it is really a beautiful violet.


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