The past two days it has been foggy when I got up --

June 10

the kind of fog that shrinks the world down to just a few feet around you and everything is quiet. And that kind of reflects on an outer level some of my inner state too.

I completed clues on both SlowBee and the Spring Mystery stole -- here is the latter as she looked yesterday --


I've mentioned before how much I like this linen/cashmere yarn. I think it will drape beautifully once washed.

The next couple of days belong to Medea and finishing her charts. Then to test knitters and I will knit along doing the second half as they knit.

Already ideas for Aphrodite are bubbling -- pearls, soft sea colors, shells. And Demeter and Persephone lurk in the background.

Oh, and I am glad the campaign for the nomination is over. I fell in love early on and now I am ready to fall in line behind the nominee. And I am delighted Elizabeth Edwards is to have a hand in shaping health care policy -- that goes a long way with me.

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