Food By Mom -- Bread

My daughter, who is a superb cook, called me a while back and said she wanted to learn to make bread. I confess I was surprised that she seemed at all intimidated at the prospect of baking bread because, as I said, she is a superb cook and baker. I offered to show her how and we made a date for me to go to her house to bake bread. I ordered the latest edition of  Bernard Clayton's Complete Book of Breads talked with her about what kind we'd make and got ready. Then came snow, colds, meetings all necessitating rescheduling. But finally yesterday the universe cooperated and I went off to her house. Of course when I arrived, I realized I had forgotten to bring her the book! 

Before making bread, we had a delicious antipasto that she made for lunch --


I learned to make bread using the Clayton book, the 1973 edition. I made a variety of Easter breads, whole wheat breads, all kinds of breads. But the favorite for my family was definitely Onion Lover's Bread. Which is what we had planned to make. But remember -- I forgot the book. But I pretty much remembered how to make the filling, so I figured we could make a basic white bread, fill it with the onion and cheese mixture and make a pretty close approximation of the bread she loves. And besides, the idea was to have an afternoon together and show her how to make bread and that would easily be accomplished.

So we made the standard white bread -- use your own favorite recipe. The original recipe calls for a richer dough with an egg and a stick of butter, but any good white bread recipe will do. Let the dough rise until it has doubled. The punch it down and roll into a rectangle.

Now the filling:

1/2 stick butter

1 C finely chopped onions


Saute the onions in the butter until they are translucent.

Spread filling on the dough --


Now sprinkle grated parmesan and/or romano cheese over filling. I use at least 1/2 cup.

Now the recipe calls for making three rectangles, rolling each one, then braiding them but I am a lazy baker so I long ago began making on loaf. After spreading the filling on the dough, I roll it carefully, tucking the ends in and make a loaf. Plop (that's a technical term) it into a loaf pan, bake at 375F for about 45 minutes. The top should be nicely browned.

And you have this --


It was yummy!

What a delight it is to be able to pass along to my daughter something I love to do. One of the great bonuses of having children you both love and like!

© Cheryl Fuller, 2007. All  rights reserved.