Full moon and peacock

I love the full moon. Lately I have forgotten to check when it rises but yesterday after a long day I looked out the window in the bathroom -- I submit that our bathroom has the best view of any around -- and there it was, the moon. Something about the moon over the bay just makes my heart sing.


I have had a busy week and not much time to knit so there's not much progress to show. I love the look of the beads on the peacock, but I've got to tell you that it means it takes forever t do a row because there are *a lot* of beads and the rows are getting longer and longer. Still, it is a beautiful pattern so I go on.


I am guessing it will be around 20-24" deep when I finish, which is just right for a shoulder shawl as I intend it to be for my friend.

More tomorrow.

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