Getting it done

I am a procrastinator. No doubt about it. I am the one who gets it all done right at the deadline. And when there is no deadline, why sometimes things linger on and on.

A case in point -- I wrote a fairy tale. I started it in 1992 and in the perfect fairy tale time span of seven years, finished it in 1999. In the nine years since a few people have read it and said nice things about it. And I thought about submitting it to The Fairy Tale Review. But you know, I didn't have a deadline and somehow it just didn't get sent. But today I did it -- I clicked SEND and off it went. I really doubt that it will be accepted but that's not the point. I submitted it. Yay me! Courtesy of Wordle, here is a cloud version of it --


If it isn't accepted, and honestly, I think the chances are slim, I will make it available for download here.

So I am on a roll here, getting things done. And I have decided that I will publish the Medea Stole pattern on August 1. I am knitting the center motif now, so I don't think that goal is too ambitious. Of course I have t figure out what to charge and get the whole Paypal button thing worked out. But right now, I figure if I could get that fairy tale submitted -- finally -- I can do this.

It's foggy outside, but clear and sunny inside today --

                          July 24

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