If you look really carefully at this picture taken through my living room window, you can see a little bit of green. The green is back!


I am being good and I continue to chug along on the pink thing -- I may even finish it this month! But startitis got to me this week when  the gorgeous red silk laceweight arrived from Colourmart.So I cast on for the Fan shawl. It is a fun knit -- modular really and an easily memorized pattern. Here's an early look at it --


With the kids grown up and no grandchildren, we don't do much to celebrate Easter. Though we did each get a small chocolate bunny -- some traditions must be honored after all. Tomorrow we will roast the last of the lamb we got last fall. And today I will be making a cardamom bread -- I will post the recipe and pictures tomorrow.

But look, the green has returned!

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