Happy Birthday           

Jung At Heart is 3 years old this week! I am grateful to all of you who come here to read my wandering thoughts, look at my photos, try my recipes, and tolerate my somewhat erratic posting schedule. Thank you!

Amille continues to fascinate. I completed the center portion and picked up all the stitches and am now in the slower, and easier, part of knitting around until there is enough length. It's pretty hard to give you a sense of what it looks like because it is all bunched up on the needle, but I got a couple of shots of the very center last night.


You can see on the left and right hand sides of the photo the diamond pattern that fills the space between the center and the beautiful edge, which is yet to come.


Here on the left you can better see the diamond pattern.

In El Nino years, we tend not to get so much snow and this one is no exception. Our last big snowstorm was New Year's weekend. But it has been COLD! Today it's almost a heat wave with the temperature right now at 35 F. But the sun is stronger and the days longer. So while it is cold outside, it is beginning to be spring on my window sill -- my lime plant is breaking out new leaves and buds.



Moe is not concerned about the weather -- he is too busy practicing Olympic sleeping:



Spike thinks I have spent enough time on all of this and wants me to attend to important business -- HIM!


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