Happy Days

My beloved MacBook returned home today after brain surgery. I am happy to report a full recovery and that happiness again reigns in our household. Sharing a laptop is not a boon to long-term marital happiness!

Yesterday we drove down to Portland so I could visit my friend Pauline, she of the Etsy jewelry shop, Sirona. I thought I would use the time in the car to wind a skein of Schaeffer Anne I have had for quite a while. What a f^%$^&#@ disaster! It was the most horribly tangled skein I have ever had. I spent 3 hours last night trying to wind it and this is what I ended up with --


I think I will cut it into little pieces and put it out for the birds to use building nests in the spring. Because no way I am going to try again with it. I love this sock yarn -- it wears better than any I have tried, so I will be getting more.

The tree is up but not yet decorated. When we went out a week ago we didn't see anything we liked, so I took a leap of faith and decided my husband could be trusted to pick one out. Now this is a bigger leap than it might seem because I am very picky about Christmas trees -- my dad drilled this into me when I was a child because he had sold Christmas trees for a number of years before I was born. And one year when I entrusted this tricky task to my first husband -- well, I had to send him bak out three times before he got a good one. I am happy to report that MrSweety did a great job as you can see --


The tree is on front of the window I use in my From My Window series, that runs for just 15 more days. It is a little tricky getting my photo now.

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