How my garden grows

I am within 30 rows of finishing Medea -- so hopefully tomorrow will be grafting and blocking to make ready for release on Thursday!

On a break this morning, I wandered out to take a look at my garden. We have tomatoes ripening --


That's Jaune Flamme, which we will certainly plant again next year. Lots of big clusters of fruit ranging around 2 inches in diameter.

And the scarlet runner beans are putting out their cheery red flowers --


I put all of my amaryllis plants outside for the summer. Usually they send up additional leaves and the bulbs become nice and fat again. This one seems not to have gotten the message about what summer is for -- look, it is about to bloom again!


And I have become enamored miniature roses. My husband gave me this one over a year ago. We put it outside in the ground last year and this year, it has been full of blooms. Pretty perfect little red roses!


It's my birthday today, but because my husband is u to his eyeballs in work on Carousel, I agreed we could celebrate it next week. I can be so gracious now that I am grown up -- though I admit that inside my little kid self is pouting a bit.

Off now to work on finishing Medea.

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