I am verklempt!

When I woke up this morning, you were on my mind -- Arabian Nights that is. But first came my daily photo out my window and a cup of tea and a bit of writing in my journal and then a session with a patient. And then I could get back to her, the beautissimus Arabian Nights. As I said yesterday, this is not a pattern where progress is measured in inches per hour because of the generous number of beads employed, but because it is such wonderful yarn -- thank you, Kim (of The Woolen Rabbit)! -- and a very engaging pattern, it does not feel like slow going at all. Here's what it looked like when I managed to tear myself away for lunch --


I am enjoying the drape that the weight of the beads produces and the nice crunchy feeling of the yarn. This is a terrific project!

As if being able to work on this delightful pattern weren't reward enough, I came online to find that Susan, designer extraordinaire found at A Few Stitches Short gave me an award! My very first. A huge and very pleasant surprise as this is a very quiet corner of the knit blog community. 

makemyday-714926 I'm still smiling!

Now to thank some of the people who make my day-- and because I am as introverted as I am, many of these folks who make my day don't know me at all (oh I wonder if they'll even know I gave them the award -- another thing to puzzle over):

Denise of Creative Abundance. Denise is a new knit blogger and I am happy to know I was a small part of her decision to begin. She leaves me lovely comments, which are encouraging and let me know that my voice reaches someone. My rtistic talents are meager so I stand in awe of people like Denise who draw, quilt and write -- truly creative abundance. And she adopts older dogs.

Dianna of A Sheep in Wool's Clothing -- because she is another Mainer. And loves barns as I do.

A Mark on My Wall -- I love her writing and being able to read about her life in Florida and in Chicago. Terrific photographer!

Catherine of Bossy Little Dog -- Opinionated, courageous, funny. Reading her is a pleasure always.

Anne Hanson of Knitspot -- designer of the scrumptious Honey Bee Stole, which gave me great knitting pleasure this fall.

Rosemary-Go-Round -- drooling is not attractive in a woman of my age, but it is all I can do o keep from doing so when Rosemary posts about her gorgeous jewelry

Jane Brockett of Yarnstorm -- Jane's gentle world and eye for the beauty of ordinary things inspires me.

And of course, 

Kim of The Woolen Rabbit -- I started reading Kim before I moved back to Maine. Her photos and writing about her part of Nw Hampshire reminded me so of the small town in western Maine where I lived and where my kids were born.

Now I am back to knitting!

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