I think I can...

This is what greeted me today --

Apr 18

When I was little , I just adored The Little Engine That Could. And as I was growing up, my father always told me I could learn anything I wanted to learn from books. He wasn't altogether right on that one, but the two things combined have made me confident that I can do most things that I really set my mind to -- even when I start filled with anxiety and doubt. Like about designing lace. 

So I start this process with some anxiety -- because I have never designed anything. But Medea is a passion of mine -- I write about her and teach about her and now I have this urge to knit about her. I can't , yet anyway, visualize what I want, except that I know the shape -- rectangular -- and some motifs are starting to come to mind. Flame. Waves. Columns. 

At first I thought I would see if I could work with someone whose patterns I admire, but why not, I decided, take the plunge and try it myself? So last night I spent a long time looking at blogs of people like Susan Pandorf who blog about their design process. Doing this was encouraging because I began to understand something about the process and as I went to bed last night the motifs started to come to me.

Now of course I was not adequately prepared for this urge to design to come into my life, so I had to quickly order the Barbara Walker book I was missing just in case the crucial lace stitch I want happens to be in it. Why is it that urges and inspirations don't wait until i am ready??

Thanks to Denise for her lovely suggestions in the comments yesterday, I have some starting places for stitches to play with and begin to develop a layout for the design. I am under no illusions -- this is going to tae a god deal of time and a lot of trial and error before I arrive at something that pleases me. But I think it will be a fun adventure and what a deliciously different adventure this is for me, who is usually a person of words.

Moe says enough of this laptop stuff what's really important is petting him!


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