I'm baaack!

What a summer! We have had so much rain since mid_july that there is concern among the farmers about losing crops. And fog -- if you have been following my picture each day from my window, you know how many foggy mornings we have had. And today was no exception --

                     August 14

THAT'S fog!

To catch up a bit, Sunday we got our first fish from the community fishery support we bought a half share in -- a beautiful haddock --


We filleted it last night for dinner and oh my -- it was absolutely the best haddock I have ever had! This is going to be a wonderful thing! Today we made fish stock with the bones and we have the beginnings of a bag of small pieces for chowder in the freezer.

We've begun harvest from the garden, though everything needs a few days of sun to really get going. Here's the take on Sunday -- baby beets, a few tomatoes, and Boothby Blonde cukes 


As to knitting -- well, Eve's Temptation is now in version 4. I realized I was being too literal with the patterns I chose so I went back and made changes to make it more allegorical. So far, I am happier with it. 



The beaded picot cast-on I fell in love with when I saw it on Romi's blog. The final design issue is the center. I know what I want and I have seen it in bobbin lace so the problem for me is to translate it into knitting. This could be interesting!

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