I'm back

Did I enjoy my time in the hammock? Oh yes, I did! But I have to figure out how to knit and lie in it at the same time.

We were busy inside the house a lot of the weekend. I am moving my office from one room in the house to another. Which meant painting. I knew exactly the color I wanted, a barely there lilac and I found it. And my wonderful husband painted it while I gave encouragement. The woodwork needs another coat of white but here is a glimpse

And because I need to be able to change from one project to another, I gave some attention to the Goddess Knits Spring mystery stole again. I have paying attention to how long people are reporting theirs are, and because I like stoles to be at least 90 inches, I added another repeat of the first two charts knowing I can add another if need be. 

The garden grows in leaps and bounds. Time to thin the beets and pumpkins and squash. 

My test knitters seem to be knitting along without difficulty. I'll give you a progress report in a few days.

It's hot here today. It was already warm when I got up at 6:30. 


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