I'm back

A week can fly by so fast! This week I have been wrestling with getting the slideshow of my year-long From My Window photo project put together and matched with Vivaldi's Four Seasons. It wasn't so hard making the slideshow or even getting the music set right. It was getting a DVD that would play, with the music, on a DVD player. But I finally solved that yesterday. So, this week it goes off to the Senior College Art Show. It is the first project of any kind that I have entered in an art show and great art it is not. But I feel good about it just the same.

This week Roscoe has decided that Spike is the cat he wants to be wen he grows up. So he follows him everywhere and imitates what he does. Like this --


Meanwhile, Moe gets his lap time while I read --


The leaves are starting to come out -- always by Mother's Day. This is the view from my window. Note that the smudge is the result of kitty noses all morning.


I have continued to work on my Aeolian shawl. Because I am knitting it with very fine yarn on small needles, I am having to do more repeats of each motif in order to get the width I want. Here it is with the second repeat of the Agave motif about half done. I think I will probably do at least 4 repeats of this pattern, maybe more.


The photo does not do justice to the beautiful pale olive color of this silk yarn.

Happy Mother's Day to the mothers reading here. I have never been big on Mother's Day. I'd rather have the fuss on my birthday. And I promised long ago I would never attend another Mother's Day brunch.

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