I'm even dreaming in charts!

I don't have lots of knitting to show you because I have been working on the charts for Medea. 


That's one of the ones that isn't right. So I keep working on it. I even dream of charts! And this morning, I woke up and I think I solved my problem so after knitting group this afternoon, I'll get back to work on it and see if it works. 

I am also planning to move my office into a different room in my house. Which requires some deep thinking about things like what color to paint the walls and what furniture I want in it and how to arrange the furniture and also obtaining a new door. So the moving won't happen until early July. But I think I found the color for the walls --


If you didn't see it last night, do watch Kristen Schaal's terrific piece on sexism in the campaign from The Daily Show. 

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