I'm hopeless

I go to Colourmart.com to check yardage on something and it begins -- it's like Lorelei leading the sailors to their death, that siren song of new arrivals. And before I know it I have ordered more cashmere and extrafine merino. I am a hopeless case!

From left -t0- right: merino in Winterberry, cashmere/wool in Canary, cashmere in Ember


Now the canary is more what  would call golden rod and is a beautiful deep yellow. Not a color I usually go for but I am thinking maybe something for my daughter.

It's been a week of mostly gray days with brief bits of sun, typical November weather. The leaves are all gone from the lilac I see right outside the window where I sit so I can see the harbor again. Most of the leaves on the trees are gone and the remaining ones are deep gold or brown. In a few weeks we should start to see snow. The turn to winter.


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