I'm still knitting

So I now have two versions of the Aeolian Shawl going and I am enjoying both of them.

First, the pale olive silk, which I am making in the large shawl version. I plan to make it a bit bigger than the pattern calls for. I have a black linen sleeveless dress -- whatever was i thinking when I bought a sleeveless dress?? -- and this will give me a nice little cover up for my all-too fleshy arms. The pattern calls for 12 repeats of this first motif -- I plan on doing 14 or 16.


And the pink one -- I did 8 repeats of the Yucca motif and have almost finished the transition chart --


The snow is disappearing a little bit each day. There are bare patches on the hill now so no more sledding for the kids in town unless we get our normal late March - early April storm. It isn't really all that warm -- 37F now -- but it is above freezing and that's what counts for mud season. This is Maple Syrup Sunday here in Maine with sugar houses open for pancakes and other maple yummies. Days with the temps above freezing and cold nights are the ingredients for good sap runs and we have them in abundance now. We'll be buying some syrup soon.

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