In the queue

I am knitting along on Mehndi, Hydrangea, and my lace cardigan. And I have promised myself I won't start anything new until I finish one of them. But you know, that doesn't keep me from dreaming an looking.

I bought a skein of the beautiful new Love Potion #3 yarn from Fleegle's The Gossamer Web shop on Etsy. The yarn, a cobweb weight cashmere/merino/silk yarn is luscious and the color is beautifully done. I ordered Tequila Sunrise, which I see sold out.


So of course I have been obsessing what to make with it -- I have over 3000 yds. I browsed my patterns, searched on Ravelry and posted a question there asking for suggestions. I think I have decided to do Something Wicked This Way Comes from No Two Snowflakes.


Of course I may change my mind.

Now, on a brief political note: I heard on Olberman last night that Obama is asking that progressives be good soldiers  and not oppose whatever bill emerges from the mess that has become the healthcare debate. I'm sorry, but I think progressives have been good soldiers for too long. And I fail to see why we should cave in on the public option, which polls still show most Americans supporting, when we are the ones who put Obama in the White House, not Olympia Snowe, not the Republicans and not the big health corporations. So how about he consider being a good soldier and supporting us, you know, the people who voted for him?

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