Inch by inch, row by row

With apologies to Dave Mallett, who wrote about gardening, inch by inch, row by row, gonna make Arabian Nights grow. And grow it does. Here's where she was early this afternoon --


So you can see she's growing. Today was a really busy one for me as I finished up prep for a seminar I am teaching tomorrow on blogs and blogging for Senior College here -- being a deadline worker, of course I was doing the last of the prep work today. And tomorrow, I will be teaching all day. So there is a bit of a slow down in progress. I'll get probably 3 or 4 more repeats of this motif -- out of the twenty total needed for this half -- done by Friday morning. Then the weekend means lots of time to work on her.

I really like In Treatment  which premiered on HBO last night. It is the best I have seen in portraying therapy and therapists so I will be watching all the episodes and making a post on them each day. You can find the first one here.

Longer posts and more pictures will be back after tomorrow, I promise. Keep knitting -- and let me know what you think about In Treatment.

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