It was a good day

Dawn, Election Day --

                     Nov. 4

I spent 9 hours today checking in voters at City Hall in Belfast, Maine. A third of the voters here had already voted, but there was a steady stream of people coming in all day. Here in Maine, people can register on the same day as the election. So I got to see people casting their first vote. And their pleasure in being a part of it all. A poll watcher who voted the first time in 1936 and was poll watching for the first time. Babies and children accompanying their parents. Old people. Young people. Everyone was smiling and happy and there was no sign of partisan divisions or tensions. In my small town,  voting is very much a community event. I saw lots of people I know. I have never missed an election since I was able to cast my first vote in 1968. This one was the best.   

I came home just after 5. My brain was fried. My body killing me from sitting in a hard chair all day. I was hungry and tired. But oh, what a day! And then to have the delight of watching the returns come in and know I got t be a part of something really big. Change came today and I got to be a small part of it. It was a good day!                   

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