It's coming -- really it is!

You may be asking yourself, or at least I imagine you are, "Where is Cheryl? And where is Medea?"

It has been foggy the last three mornings when I got up -- like this

June 19

-- because that is what it is often like in June on the coast. And weather like that is really conducive to doing fiddly things like wresting with charts. Which is what I have been doing. I have come to see that when I knit just for myself, I wing it a lot rather than being precise. Which is fine when it's only me involved. But this pattern writing thing just doesn't make allowances for winging it -- I can't say make this work out in any way that makes sense to you, not if I want anyone to knit it. So I have to work with a precision that is entirely alien to me. Be really glad that I am not a neurosurgeon folks!

So anyway, I have been working and working on the charts. I would get one done and think it was right and then -- oops -- a mistake. And then KnitVisuaizer and I had to learn to talk to each other, or rather I had to learn to obey KV. That took a while. 

Then yesterday I drove down to Portland. I took Rte. 1 and because traffic was light it was a really pleasant drive -- the lupines are out in all their glory now, carpets of purple and pink and blue. I wen to my meeting and then drove home the faster way. And it came to me while I was driving, what I needed to do to work out a problem that had been making me pull out my hair for days. And when I got home, I went to work and at last, all the charts are DONE! ALL DONE!

Now the work of writing directions and then by mid-week, I can send it to be test knit -- which I am sure will reveal more errors. I am knitting the second half now from my charts and so far so good, but then again, I already know the pattern.

Pictures tomorrow, I hope.

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