I've not forgotten...

Some kind of technical problem is keeping me from uploading my posts. I hope this will be corrected tomorrow. I have not forgotten you!

Not much knitting was accomplished yesterday as I wrestled with this posting problem. I was a living breathing example of superstitious behavior as I tried all kinds of ways to try to "trick" it into working, but it would not be fooled. Sometimes a terrific application just gets really stubborn.

Last night we went to our county Dems fund raising dinner. I am still unhappy about all the sexism on the national level in this campaign, but here on the state and local level, things are much better and it was fun to be with so many who share my beliefs. The food could have been better, but you know, that was a minor point.

It is gloomy again today, but look how much more the snow on the hill has retreated --


If the forecast for the week holds, in a few days the whole slope should be bare. And there is a trace of green in the grass already.

I am still hopping from project to project. Here is the start of my Dem Fischer Sin Fru, hereinafter known as Dem Fischer --


The yarn is two strands of 50/50 wool and silk I got from Colourmart and I am using KnitPicks size 4 needles. I think I will resist beads in this one, but who knows, the bead urge could strike at any moment!

Here's hoping you are able to see this in a day or so!

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