I've strayed...

After weeks of being faithful to my three projects, I finally succumbed to the siren call of something new. I waited patiently for Susan to release the pattern for her Mehndi stole and I bought it the first day it was available. And even then I didn't give in and start it. But I have these 2 cones of beautiful milk chocolate heavy lace weight silk and they balefully stared at me as I knit away on my sweater until finally I could resist no longer and I gave in.


Because I am using a finer yarn and smaller needles -- 2.75 mm -- and because I like wider stoles, I doubled the width. The pattern indicates a width of 18" which to me is in scarf territory. I think mine will be around 30" wide, which I like. And I made some changes to the edge. I am generally not a fan of the three stitch garter edge and besides I just had to have beads somewhere. So I changed to this edge, which I have become fond of and have used several times now on different projects. I am using a raspberry bronze 8/0 bead.


The pattern takes a little bit to get used to -- but by the second repeat I had it memorized. This is a very pretty design and I am going to love the finished stole.

We have now had several days of sun. In a row! It looks like the tomatoes and winter squash came through the very rainy June all right. And we still have 3 pepper plants so my husband will be able to make his hot pepper jam later this summer. We have to keep a watchful eye for late blight which is apparently a big risk after so much rain. So far no signs of it in our garden.

Yesterday as I was getting ready to move our rosemary plant outside, look what I discovered growing in it --


I did a little research and discovered that they are not uncommon in houseplants and are essentially harmless to the plants. But still a little weird to find.

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