Knitting on

The thing is when you have several projects in progress ad all of them are lace stoles or shawls, day to day often there is not a lot to show. So I'll tell you that I am knitting away on Eve, SlowBee 1, Pearled Romance, and Dayflower. But a picture of any of them wouldn't show you a lot.

Yesterday the sunset was stunning. 


And the glow on the harbor --


Sometimes it is so beautiful, I just ache.

We've been picking tomatoes, mostly little ones, though we harvested the first big fat purple cherokee today. The little vines are starting to die back -- next year we need slightly bigger containers for them I think But we have had many bowlfuls like this one in the kitchen now --


True to my word, I have been watching the convention. Sometimes moved to tears, sometimes annoyed. Ted Kennedy made me weep with his courage and the fact that he still has fire for the things he believes in. I wish I had faith that he will be back in the Senate come January, but I fear if he is, it won't be or long. We need more lions like him.

And I loved Hillary's speech. I was proud to see her there, proud to have supported her, and proud that her name was placed in nomination and that she came so very close to winning it. I doubt that there will be a woman president in my lifetime and that makes me really sad. Not so sad that I won't vote or that I won't vote for Obama -- I have never missed voting in any election in 40 years. But sad nonetheless. 

Spike and Moe think we should all just find a comfy place and relax --


I plan to take their advice.

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