Knitting Restlessness

My knitting restlessness persists. I frogged the olive silk -- love the yarn but I need to find just the right pattern for it. So then I decided to try the same pattern using cashmere/silk knit together with a strand of silk -- making something closer to ordinary lace weight. The color, pale lilac, is tough to capture accurately as it is such a soft color. I am using a mix of beads in grays on it.


The yarn itself is very soft so I won't know until I have knit more if I like it or not. 

I almost used Susan Pandorf's Hydrangea pattern, in the stole variation. And as you can see, I did borrow that garland stitch for the bottom. But I think it needs a different edging on the sides and I wasn't in the mood to derive one. I have enjoyed many of her patterns and look forward to some more complex ones appearing again. I am intrigued by the little bit of Mendhi I have seen so far -- here's hoping beads will appear and she will offer it as a stole. 

The sunrise this morning was beautiful. 


I love the way that light illuminates my dining room -- 


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