I confess -- I have been a lazy blogger for a while. And I would promise to mend my ways, but therein lies the road to hell. Okay, I can say I will try to be more diligent.

So I started a little mystery project for a friend for whom powder blue has special significance. I just happen to have a cone of 2/33 cashmere/cotton in powder blue, so I started playing with it. I am planning to knit the India stole. Here is a little peak at the beginning --


I am using crystal beads.

And look who was just at my feeders -- we have a lot of these gorgeous big crows but they rarely perch by the feeders like this -


I decided I didn't like the way the mandala shawl was going so I frogged it. Tomorrow I'll show you what I am doing instead.

Now to do some work.

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