Le sob

The calendar may say this is the first day of spring but you wouldn't know by looking out my window --


It's the ever popular "wintery mix" -- snow, sleet, rain and freezing rain. 

And when I got back from teaching this morning, all full of hope that my red beads wold be here ...

they weren't. The tracking information says they left Scarborough, Maine this morning which means I will get them tomorrow. But I really really hoped for them today. :::BIG sigh:::

I need to find some just right patterns for my cashmere/silk. It is really cobweb weight and I don't have enough in every color I have gotten to use it double stranded. And it is  so light it is almost weightless. I am going to play with beads to see what they will do to give it a little more drape, because the lightness of the fabric makes it almost float.

I have to say I am glad it was Amanda who was eliminated last night on American Idol. I thought she had too little range to be interesting.

Here's hoping that tomorrow I will be able to show you the beautiful red beads on the navy silk. Keep your fingers crossed!

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