Let's try this again

Something didn't ant to cooperate when I tried to upload this post the first time, so let's try again!

Roscoe is fearless and seems to have conquered the big guys -- the hissing and growling stopped by early yesterday. Here is the whirling dervish kitty playing for his audience --


They follow him around and spend a lot of time watching what he does.

The first Aeolian will be off to its intended recipient tomorrow. I am still working on the pale olive silk Aeolian shawl, but of course, I just had to start something new. I have had this gorgeous violet cashmere and it decided to become Ostara, the spring mystery stole last year from Goddess Knits.


It really is a wonderful deep purple and I am using little 11/0 beads which will sparkle a little without overwhelming the yarn. It is 2/28 cashmere from Colourmart and I am using 3.0 mm needles.

Slowly but surely the ground is drying out and soon we will be able to clean up the garden and begin to get serious about getting it ready for planting. Here is the view out my window this afternoon --


We have been moving more and more toward having as much of our diet as possible be locally grown or produced. The big step has been for meat. Last fall we bought half a lamb, which we will certainly do again. We have begun buying locally raised organic chicken and it is a revelation, bringing to memory the way chicken used to taste. Locally produced meat is more expensive but not that much more so the move i easier than we thought. Even in early spring, we manage to have meals each week that are 50% or more locally produced -- not bad for Maine.

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