Looking for Szechwan in Belfast

The knitting projects I am working on all involve gazillions of stitches so it's hard to show progress. Which means no photos of knitting today. Today you get to learn about my as yet unsatisfied desire for good Chinese food in Belfast.

Belfast is a terrific town. We are kind of at the northern end of the midcoast region with Rockland holding down the other end. And in this region, we have a load of great restaurants. Belfast alone has two terrific Thai places and a vegetarian place that has been written about in major publications. True, we do not have a great pizza place but what we have is more than adequate and of course, we can get seafood aplenty. But I love Chinese food, especially Szechwan and Hunan dishes. And sad to say, this is a niche that remains unfilled.

Now we do have two places here in Belfast that serve Chinese food. Ming's, which has its main restaurant up in Bucksport, is okay  -- maybe a C. And Oriental Plaza I've heard is just not good. So my hopes went up when word came that a new place, China One, was opening here. A couple of friends said it was pretty good. This weekend we decided to try it.

SIGH! My Peking dumplings I must say were quite good. And the hot and sour soup, was tasty. But my Szechwan chicken came in a pinkish sauce that was kind of sweet and not at all spicy. And the chicken was mushy in texture. My hopes crashed! But my husband wonders if maybe they got our order wrong and gave me something other than what I ordered. One can hope so we will try again. But I so want to be able to get Chinese food that is at least reliably average.

In defense of Ming's and China One, I do have to say that both are better than the Chinese buffet in Rockland that we tried once. All I have to say about that experience is that kielbasa and mac and cheese just don't belong in a Chinese restaurant!

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