Magical, lethal, loving...

She was magical, lethal, loving, a sorceress, a barbarian, and had a savage truthfulness in her heart. – Brendan Kennelly

That's Medea.

And here she is slowly unfolding --


Among women, Medea has the most cunning mind of all.
She is fox and badger, ferret and stoat,
eagle and hawk.
She can master seven kinds of talk,
using the same words.
She is the clouds the sun cannot penetrate,
she is the sun the clouds cannot resist,
she is the voices of the rain,
she is the silence of an unread book, she has a tongue to flay anyone who bandies words with her – Brendan Kennelly


Someone asked me if I would make the pattern available for sale when I finish. I hadn't thought of this, but certainly could. Interested?

© Cheryl Fuller, 2007. All  rights reserved.