Mana for a political junkie

It's convention time -- even better than the Olympics for political junkies! Now truth be told, I will not watch much if at all of the GOP fest next week,as my heart is with the Democrats this week. But I love the hoopla of it all just the same. And I confess I wish there was real suspense to be had because I remember the excitement of the roll calls when I was a kid and w didn't know the outcome ahead of time. I remember seeing the push for JFK to be the VP candidate in 1956 -- I was just 10 but something about it caught my attention and hooked me in. Lots of knitting time this week!

So on the knitting front I am rotating my time among the following 4 projects -- the DayFlower scarf, Eve's Temptation, SlowBeeI and now SlowBeeII, which I started yesterday because I got the most beautiful beads in soft pink and white for this yarn --           



It 2/33 59% cashmere/41% cotton from Colourmart. Really nice very fine lace weight that I am knitting on 2.5mm needles using 11/0 beads. -- lotta numbers in that!


As you can see from my list, I'm all set for politics and knitting!

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