March Comes In

After I drank my first cup of tea this morning -- the skies outside heavy with clouds warning of the snowstorm coming our way tonight and tomorrow -- I wandered around the house to see what caught my eye. Out my windows, I see shades of gray and brown and white, the winter landscape in its puritan garb of neutrals. But inside are flashes of color.

Like these new beads that arrived yesterday -- I do love beads, almost as much as yarn.


Or this work in progress -- in 1/28 cashmere/silk -- which I started a couple of months ago and has started calling me again. I love the little beads in the beaded picot cast-on.  


Or this cone of 2/28 cashmere in the most wonderful deep lilac -- purple is my second favorite color 


Then my eye landed on the table in front of my dining room window, the window from which I took the photos every morning last year --


On my windowsill, it looks like spring is coming soon. But outside it has started to snow.

© Cheryl Fuller, 2007. All  rights reserved.