Maybe I am just old...

Before I launch into some thoughts I have about social networking, take a look at what I saw this morning. To me this just says winter is coming -               


Okay -- about social networking. I participate on Ravelry. Or I should say I take a look there every day. I don't find too many discussions in the forums that really grab me and when I do post, I seem to kill the thread or be invisible, neither of which is conducive to more participation. This isn't something wrong with Ravelry. For me I think it is a function of discussions splintered into smaller and smaller bits so that threads become so particular that general discussion seems out of place. Again, not a problem really, just an observation. My thought processes are not compartmentalized enough to work well in that kind of discussion environment. I am more of an associative thinker, I believe. So the discussion part is mildly interesting for me to read but not so much for me to post. Which means I am not really doing much social networking. What I am doing is using Ravelry as something more akin to a library of patterns and projects.

The psychologist in me wonders what differentiates the high volume posters from people like me. And what it is that moves people to "friend" someone they don't know? And what that process means to them? Because I get friend requests and I accept but that doesn't often lead to anything. Is it an introvert/extravert thing? 

So this leads me to think about how I approach knitting. My grandmother taught me the basics but from there I am self-taught. And I seem to have convinced myself that I can pretty much figure out anything knit related on my own. I am far more apt to Google some term or technique that is new to me than I am to ask for help. And I confess I am not usually one of those folks who steps in to offer help either. I think this mitigates against my being a good social networker also.

Or maybe it's an age thing. I am 62 and though I have been participating in discussion forums, email groups and other online discussion options for 15 years now, I am still the product of an earlier time. 

So, readers, how about you? If you post frequently on Ravelry or in Yahoo groups, what is that about for you? If you don't, are you like me or does it mean something else for you? Consider this a shameless bid for comments -- because I really do want to know what you think.

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