On New Year's Day I started my From My Window photo project. Each morning, right after I get up, I take a picture from my window and I plan to do it for daily all year. Today closes out the first month. And this week, another milestone -- sunrise started coming before 7 a.m. Here is what I saw this morning at 6:57 a.m.

Jan 31

This project is teaching me a lot. About the variety of color in the winter landscape. The hint of lavender I can see even some gray and cloudy mornings. The silent beauty of dawn. 

Doing this, maintaining the discipline of taking that picture each and every morning, allowing the variation in times because I don't get up at the same time every day, and resisting the temptation to make it prettier or otherwise different from what my eyes see as I look out the window is in itself full of lessons. I don't use the zoom. I don't crop the photo. I let it be itself. I had no idea what drew me to it when I started it a month ago, but it has become an essential part of my day. If you want to see the whole series to date, click on the Flickr badge on the right.

Today I have more knitting time. I have completed 9 1/2 repeats of the motif preceding the wonderful center pattern. But because I am making it long, I am not yet halfway through them -- 20 repeats are required now. The nice part is I have less need to look at the chart as I knit -- memorization is a good thing!

Time to get back to the knitting!

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