I reached a milestone today -- it is day 100 in my photo-a-day from my window. When I started on New Year's Day I had only the idea in mind that I wanted to take a picture every morning from my window. I had no idea why or where the idea came from; I only knew I wanted to do it. Now I am a person who did a 21 day shape up program at least 5 times, getting to day 6 each time -- which I suppose means I was doing a 6 day don't get in shape program. But you get the point -- following through on this kind of thing is not something I have done a lot in my life. I decided that all I had to do was take the picture each morning; not worry about the next day or the day before or how many days were left in the year. So that's what I have done. I don't use an alarm clock so the time I get up varies between 6 and 8 am, as do the photos. And going day by day I have gotten to day 100.

Apr 9

If you click on the Flickr badge there on the right and then look at the photos as a slide show, you will see the changes in the light, the direction of the sunrise, the snow, the clouds. And now, color has started to creep back in as the last of the snow recedes from the hill. In a few weeks, we'll start to see sailboats moored in the bay. 

This is akin to a meditative process for me. I place no expectations on it. I keep my focus on one photo each day. And when I look at these first 100, I am delighted.

I expect I will make it a practice for some time to come, this photo a day thing. Next year maybe it will be the end of the day. Or some other constant yet always changing part of my environment.

For now, today was Day 100 and I am feeling pretty good.

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