Remember the pot of sliced kumquats from Saturday? Well, we were all ready to make the marmalade yesterday when  we discovered that oops! we didn't have any jars to put it in. So off to the hardware store to get some. Then came cooking the mixture -- and oh did my house smell wonderful! And voila -- marmalade! Twelve beautiful little jars of it. Mmmmmmmmmm!


Here is a close up of the element from Arabian Nights that I imported into Secret of Chrysopolis --


The really observant among you will notice that the yarn doesn't show up the same in any two pictures -- such is the nature of trying to capture a color like this. I like how my adaptation of this pattern is shaping up. Who knows, maybe I wil eventually design my own!

At last the snow is disappearing in earnest. This morning I woke up to this --


The fog condensed on the lilac and the maple tree in these jewel-like drops --



Spring here is not an extravagant bursting into bloom but the slow and subtle coming of color into the greys and whites of winter.

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