More about being fearless

I was talking with someone the other day about fearlessness. She said she prefers to think about it as courage, because courage to her is acting in the face of fear. I understood where she was coming from, but I don't think of tackling a complex knitting project or attempting to write a short story or beginning to work with water colors is especially courageous for most of us. I think of courage as being what I need to draw on when there is a real threat to me, my family, my well-being. And though I might be anxious about writing or doing a seminar, there is no real threat to my safety in any way, not for me living on the coast of Maine. Were I a woman in Saudi Arabia, then standing up in front of a group and talking about Medea, as I do from time to time, would be an act of courage. But not here where I am. And the fear I feel is anxiety, illusory fear coming from my own thoughts and worries rather than from any threat.

It's frigid outside today -- the wind chill is 0F  -- but my amaryllis show me the hope of spring.

Look, this one has 2 flower stalks--


And this one will open in the next couple of days --


And I will soon finish Clue 3 --


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