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Easter is a quiet day around our house. We are sort of occasional Unitarians and these days reading the Sunday NY Times seems to grab us more than leaving the house for church. And, of course my kids are all grown up. My daughter was off with her husband to her in-laws for whom Easter is a huge family gathering thing. But who can pass up the opportunity to make a feast anyway? So we had a rib roast, potatoes, and asparagus. Yumm.

I do miss the foofarah of Easter when the kids were little -- dyeing eggs, making baskets for them and getting them each a new stuffed animal each year. That was probably the best part -- the search for e right animal. One year they each got a Babar character. Another year dinosaurs. And a number of bunnies, who had to look a little different. I remember we named one Bunny Begonia. Stuffed animal bunnies, not real ones. Hiding the eggs and hoping we found them all -- because, you know there is just nothing like rotten egg to make the house smell great.

There are faint signs of spring. The bare patch in the side yard is growing as the snow ever so slowly retreats. And this morning I heard birdsong for the first time since last fall. The male cardinal of the pair that has been at our feeders all winter was singing his heart out this morning. Yesterday was Maple Syrup Sunday -- that is an early spring event. So the end of winter is coming into sight.

Mar 24

I am making peace with the flame red beads on Arabian Nights, v.2.0. The effect is less garish than I thought it would be because the dark navy mutes the beads a little. Here's what it looked like this morning --

new2 15-26-36

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