New Toy

First, I got Clue 1 of SoSii -- I downloaded it and stashed it safely into the folder for such things. Because I am not starting it until after Arabian Nights!

My BFF, the Fed Ex delivery guy, showed up early this afternoon and brought my nice shiny new MacBook. 

Here's a look at the one I have been using. I seem to have a great talent for wearing the letters off keys. A while ago, a friend pointed me to Happy Bunny key stickers. And you know what? I wore them out too!


My husband will take this iBook to the Mac hospital in Camden Monday where it will get a nice new and bigger hard drive and even better, a new keyboard. He just doesn't fancy himself a Happy Bunny kinda guy and he will be the new user.

Look at how pretty the new keyboard is.


I wonder how long those nice letters will last under the pounding fingers of Cheryl?

They spent a little while talking with each other. Well actually, new MacBook sucked all of the good stuff right off iBook's hard drive. 


Now all I have to do is take stuff off the old one and turn it over to Neal.

Next I am installing Leopard, OX 10.5. Barring any problems I will be back in the morning because I have some thoughts about being fearless that I want to post.

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