No, it didn't take that long...

No, it didn't take me 3 weeks to block the finished Snowflake Peacock. But blocking was an interesting experience. I made a more-than-a-circle version without realizing how much more than a circle it was when finished. There was just no way to make points around the bottom because it overlapped itself twice. Bad blogger that I am, I did not take pictures of it drying. Suffice it to say that my friend, for whom it was a birthday present, loves it and insists that I no longer call it The Pink Thing.

Free of you-know-what, I developed an acute case of startitis. I need a stole for my son's wedding in August. I like Hydrangea but I am also in love Amille, knitterain's wedding shawl. So using the same lilac cash/silk, I started another:


And I think this is what I will go with.   Unless...

I decide to wear this one:


which is the beginning of Osetra from Goddess Knits. The color is not true in this photo. It is actually a soft sagey green cashmere/viscose lace weight with crystal beads.

Choices choices!


Roscoe says he loves them all.

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