No, we weren't blown away

Good heavens! You all, whoever is left after my neglect, must have wondered what happened to us in the hurricane  that wasn't. In a word, nothing. We got rain, a lot of it. And some wind, not so much of that. And that was that. 

So how about a little knitting update?

My lovely daughter tells me the socks I have knit for her have developed holes in the heels. So she ordered   requested that I knit her some new ones. Now I haven't knit any socks for a while so of course I wanted to find something new to do. And I decided to try knitting from the toe up, this time using Wendy Johnson's Nanner Socks pattern.


I like the method, so far, and the pattern. This colorway, from Lisa Souza, turned out not to be as bright as I'd hoped but my daughter likes these sort of earthy tones so she should like them.

I guess I am going to have to buy some sock yarn.

And here is Spike catching some of the last of the summer sun recently


Gotta get back to the socks.

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