Nupps -- I hate them!

I want to go on record here about nupps -- I HATE them! I don't like making them and I am underwhelmed by how they look when finished. In the future I will substitute a larger beads for the damned things. So here is my Aeolian shawl, as I am completing the final Agave --


With all the time it has taken to knit those rows, there is no way I am going to rip them out to get rid of the damned nupps, so it's a good thing I am not a perfectionistic knitter. They will not be appearing after this row, believe me.

Now to more delightful things --

In the monkey see, monkey do department, Roscoe got into the squirrel watching action yesterday --


He and Spike really hang out with each other a lot, but it is not usual to see all three of them like this. 

Moe likes solitary play --


Now I am off to finish my last row of nupps -- last ever!

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