Obsessed Knitter

I am truly a knitter obsessed. With Arabian Nights. It isn't easy in the face of the writers' strike, meaning there is not much on television while I knit.So it's Netfilx and audiobooks. Smart me, I just started listening to Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth, which is over 40 hours long! Meanwhile I am accumulating clues for The Fisherman's Wife shawl, Secret of the Stole ii, and Spring Surprise mystery KALs for later. I am not even tempted to swatch the new ones!

I have finished the heavily beaded part of this half so the knitting is going faster. Here's a look at where I started this morning --


I've got pulled pork cooking in the slow cooker, my audiobook, lots of tea and my comfy chair so I'm ready for a nice day of knitting.

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