Odds and Ends

It's an odds and ends kind of day, appropriate for a Saturday, I think.

I had my first experience with a hostile commenter today, hostile beyond the disagreeing with what I write level. Not here -- you all are a delightful bunch -- but comments made to my In Treatment posts. I have never blocked anyone from commenting but I don't feel any obligation to provide a platform for someone to insult me and then spam the comments. I must say that it felt good to know I didn't have to stand by and idly allow it to happen. Tools are a good thing.

If you haven't seen the two part Frontline "Bush's War", I urge you to watch it online. It is superb.

Random American Idol  opinion -- I would not be unhappy to see Jason leave. I wish it had happened this past week. I still think the auditions are the really fun part.

After seeing the recipe on Habeas Brulee, I decided I had to make kumquat marmalade. We got the kumquats several days ago but kept forgetting to get cheesecloth to wrap the seeds in. Finally yesterday I got cheesecloth so I wa all set to start today. It takes a while to slice and seed 1.5 pounds of kumquats. Take my word for it. And I didn't slice them terribly thin either. Here they are in the pot with the bundle of seeds and weak Earl Grey tea. They have to soak for 24 hours then tomorrow -- marmalade will happen.


Aren't they pretty? Kind of like the beads on my new Arabian Nights, right?


So maybe I should call the silver-lined kumquat beads?

It's cold here today -- just 26F, and windy so with the wind chill it is just 14F. Needless to say, even though the sun is bright, I am staying in to watch cheesy Lifetime movies and knit!

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