Oh no, please don't go...

Where did you all go? 'Cause I looked at StatCounter this morning and :::Gasp!::: the number of visitors here yesterday and today so far is 0! I could become despondent.

So I know I haven't had yummy knitting to show because it is all in progress and you know how that is -- the only change is in length. But I will take some shots today and post them later to show you how they are coming along.

And I have some additions to my stash -- more yummy stuff from Colourmart. And even some ideas for how I want to use it. I promise pictures.

And I know things got weird the other day when I did some rearranging but I think everything is back to normal again now -- and, look a ways down on the right and you'll see we now have archives so I have fewer posts showing at a time now which should make loading faster. See, I try to take good care of you, really I do.

Until I have a chance to take those pictures -- and it won;t be until late today because my knitting group is coming here today -- ooo, maybe I can get them to let me take some pix of them? -- how about a glimpse of how things looked here when I got up yesterday 


 and today, when it was just 35F at 6:30 am --


So until later -- let me know you're there.

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