On a clear day...

On a day like today, with not a cloud in the sky, it really does seem like we can see forever --


Now, if only the wind coming in off the water weren't so chilly, it would be close to perfect!

NB: If you're looking for green, you won't see much for another month or so.

While cruising through my blog reading this morning, I finally took notice of what Melanie has been knitting. So off I went to checkout the patterns at Knititude, especially Chinese Lace because, you know, I have those two cones of soft pink silk/bamboo yarn I got the other week from Elann. Was it the lace? The pink color? The influence of Melanie? Who knows? But I decided I like it and best of all I have enough yarn in the right weight. I plan to make the sleeves about 3/4 length. I think maybe I will start it in the next day or so.

I've decided that there must be a parallel Ravelry to the the one I read and post some to. Because I keep seeing references here and there to controversy and stressful topics. Somehow the topics I am interested in don't seem to raise a lot of hackles or elevate stress -- I like it that way!

Off now to read about midlife and then knit. 

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