On Another Note...

A little bit on politics today. Now if you are an Obama supporter, please don't leave comments telling me about how I am wrong and I am failing to see his magnificence. I have said many times already that if he is the nominee, I will vote for him but he is not my first or even second choice.
Saturday during my workshop I was talking about the status of women in ancient Greece and the fact that they were not citizens. That collectively we develop and add groups to the category of citizen as we expand our consciousness. And I said that first slaves, then women in this country gained full citizenship rights, became fully people. I have used that every time I have presented this material.  

But this time a man in the group commented how interesting it is that slaves preceded women, in light of the current nomination race. And then we moved on.  

Last week my husband and I had a small argument about this very issue, about race vs gender in this contest. I realized that the gender issue looms a lot larger than I had realized and hits me with more emotion that I was aware of. Hillary Clinton is not my first choice --Edwards was and I still believe he is the best of the lot. Still, there is something important for me as a woman that a woman is running and could win. What is making me feel very uncomfortable is the degree of misogyny her candidacy has exposed and continues to expose. The op-ed on the myth of post-feminism Sunday in the New York Times nails it.  

Don't argue with me, even if you are certain you have an important point to make. These are my *feelings* and no reason from someone else is going to change them.  

Anyway, I took my daughter to see Geraldine Ferraro back in '84 when she was on the ticket. I took her and made sure we were in the front row because I was excited that finally a woman was on the ticket. My daughter  was 8 and got to shake her hand. I thought maybe times really had changed a lot.  

And I am really sad that this may not be the time a woman will become president. And that the slams and slurs against women go on unchecked, because it's still okay to harbor those ideas about us. And I am sad that if Hillary doesn't make it, then I may very well not see a woman president in my lifetime. 

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